Thursday 22nd April 2021,
Post-Soviet Graffiti

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‘The Glory Of The People Will Last For Eternity’ – A Week of Silence in Minsk.

Arriving at the Minsk central bus station on an early July 3rd morning presented to us the city much as we would know it for the week of our residency. The exoticism of the outlaying dew-covered country villages, which lined [...]

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Ethnic Conflict in Osh, Kyrgyzstan

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April 16, 2011 Archives, Graffiti, Kyrgyzstan, Post-Soviet, Violence
Russian Political Graffiti from the Summer 2009

Russian Political Graffiti from the Summer 2009

While not directly related to this project, I thought that this government-issued graffiti was a beautiful tribute to those Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) residents who suffered and fought through the 900-day Nazi blockade with such nobility and courage. The plaque below [...]

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