Thursday 22nd April 2021,
Post-Soviet Graffiti
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‘The Glory Of The People Will Last For Eternity’ – A Week of Silence in Minsk.

Arriving at the Minsk central bus station on an early July 3rd morning presented to us the city much as we would know it for the week of our residency. The exoticism of the outlaying dew-covered country villages, which lined the roads with wet-green gardens attached to aging Soviet cottage-homes and communes, had disappeared and [...]

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Yarn-Bombing Across the Atlantic

Yarn-Bombing Across the Atlantic

While exploring the back-alleys of Old Town Riga, I spotted street art’s coziest new trend – Yarn-Bombing. A New York Times article published in May of this year noted the global phenomenon of Yarn-Bombing, a warm and fuzzy art form in which artists anonymously outfit public statues or objects with one-of-a-kind, knitted outer wear. The Fashion Section special – [...]

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The Capitalist Transition Viewed on the Streets of Moscow

Rather than professing sentiment of political, social or even economic discontent, the concrete sidewalks of Moscow reflect the city’s post-1991 lean toward hyper-consumerism. Following the abolishment of state socialism in the Post-Soviet realm, the city of Moscow developed a thriving private industry. The efforts of this rising, Muscovite business class deem Russia a current world-leader [...]

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