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Prosopagnosia: The Walls Have Eyes

  “To be seduced is to be diverted from one’s truth. To seduce is to divert the other from his truth. The truth then becomes the secret that escapes him.” – Jean Baudrillard, On Seduction. If the curving surfaces exuding [...]

February 15, 2012 Archives, Graffiti, Post-Soviet, Russia, Saint Petersburg

Politikai Graffiti a Kelet-európai Cenzúra Árnyékában

Our recent interview with Moha Magazine hit the web this week. Click here to check it out (in Hungarian): Moha Magazine: Interview with Post Soviet Graffiti. Like this article? Share it! Share on Tumblr [...]

February 9, 2012 Archives, Graffiti

Цой жив! The Walls That Mourn Viktor Tsoi

As political tensions heighten throughout the region, we at PostSovietGraffiti.com want to step back from Russia’s upcoming Presidential Election and dedicate this week’s post to a softer power – to Viktor Tsoi and his graffitied rock and roll legacy. Tsoi, the [...]

February 1, 2012 Archives, Graffiti