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Post-Soviet Graffiti

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Political Graffiti in Budapest: Politikai Graffiti Budapesten

Political Graffiti in Budapest: Politikai Graffiti Budapesten

Compared with other major cities across the post-Soviet region, the graffiti and street art in Budapest is hyper-partisan and heavily politicized. Artists that paint and create in Hungary often use stickers and pasting as effective media, as opposed to a [...]

January 22, 2012 Archives, Graffiti
Hungary’s Downward Spiral

Hungary’s Downward Spiral

  Visitor to Tűzraktér: “In my country, this is normal.”  Bolla Zoltán: “What country do you come from?” Visitor: “Belarus.”   In 2011, the International Cultural Carnival of Berlin bestowed the highest Culturefest honor onto Tűzraktér, Hungary’s largest, independent artist collective. The Mayor [...]

January 19, 2012 Archives, Graffiti

Putin, Poutain, Poutine

To pay homage to the brave, collective voice of the Russian people, we have amassed some of our best Putin and Edinaya Rossiya graffiti images from 2011. To learn more about the Russian demonstrations against “alleged violations in Russia’s recent parliamentary [...]

December 10, 2011 Archives, Demonstrations, Graffiti, Russia