Tuesday 18th June 2024,
Post-Soviet Graffiti


Post-Soviet Graffiti is a research blog that investigates, amplifies, and advocates for free expression in the censored or authoritarian states of the post-Soviet region.

Post-Soviet Graffiti, as it exists in 2014, makes two primary arguments:

(1) Street art is an effective tool for political expression, especially in censored or closed states. Стрит-арт – еффективный медиум политических дискуссий, особенно в закрытых странах.

(2) In politicized regions, public art cannot function as simply “art for art’s sake.” В политизированном регионе паблик-арт не может функционировать как «искусство для искусства».

Alexis Lerner is the Director of Political Analysis

Alexis Lerner is the Director of Post-Soviet Graffiti. She is currently a PhD student in Political Science at the University of Toronto, specializing in soft protest in authoritarian states. Lerner’s research has been featured worldwide in contemporary art, political, and academic publications, including Foreign Policy Magazine, Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty, and the Calvert Journal. She is a Cosmos Club Scholar, an Anti-Defamation League Fellow, and a research delegate with the Stanford University US-Russia Forum. She tweets @PostSovietGraf.

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