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Post-Soviet Graffiti
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Цой жив! Peace Walls in Prague and Moscow

On the Mala-Strana side of the Vltava River in Prague lies Lennon Wall. Here, graffiti artists of varied experience-levels and nations may come together in the name of self-expression. The project began quite organically in 1988, just prior to the fall of the Soviet Union. During this time, Czechoslovakian youths directed their energy and art [...]

May 16, 2011 Post-Soviet Graffiti Archives, Graffiti 3

To Go Down in History: Victory Day and American Graffiti

The 9th of May marks Victory Day for the former Soviet Union. And when it comes to parades and symbols of wartime dominance, a state newspaper proves its value. Ria Novosti, an official Kremlin news agency, covered this patriotic Monday in Red Square with a high-quality photo-essay and a powerfully emotive video clip (in Russian). Please enjoy! Now on to the [...]

May 9, 2011 Post-Soviet Graffiti America, Archives, Graffiti, Roger Gastman 1

Color and Shadows in the Chernobyl Radiation Zone

 The Village of Pripyat and the Chernobyl Zone surrounding the nuclear disaster site of 1986 recently opened their environs to those travellers unafraid of residual radiation poisoning. I will likely sit this one out but Nic is eager to photograph and share the eerie graffiti drawn there over the last twenty-five years. Like this article? Share [...]

May 3, 2011 Post-Soviet Graffiti Archives, Graffiti 2