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זכור: Remembering a Pre-War Jewish Munkacs

On this date in 2011 the Post-Soviet Graffiti team found itself stranded in Transcarpathia. With no phone, no hryvinas, no friends, poor Ukrainian, and no way to leave except on foot, we spent three days walking the city in the [...]

August 1, 2012 Archives, Graffiti

Hungary’s Two Tailed Dog Party

One of the most active graffiti crews in Budapest is the faux political movement called the Two Tailed Dog Party. Founded out of a frustration with a lack of viable political options, the Two Tailed Dog Party established itself as [...]

April 16, 2012 Archives, Graffiti

The History of Street Art in Russia: Part One

The Graffiti-Producing Counter-Cultures of the Soviet Era According to the social history presented by John Bushnell in his 1990 book Moscow Graffiti: Language and Subculture, the unadorned graffiti of hippies, punks, soccer hooligans, and pacifists dominated Russia’s public sphere in [...]

April 5, 2012 Archives, Graffiti