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Post-Soviet Graffiti

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The History of Street Art in Russia: Part One

The Graffiti-Producing Counter-Cultures of the Soviet Era According to the social history presented by John Bushnell in his 1990 book Moscow Graffiti: Language and Subculture, the unadorned graffiti of hippies, punks, soccer hooligans, and pacifists dominated Russia’s public sphere in [...]

April 5, 2012 Archives, Graffiti

De-Industrialization and the Art Factory

“Anyone who does not simply refuse to perceive decline will hasten to claim a special justification for his own continued presence, his activity and involvement in this chaos. […] A blind determination to save the prestige of personal existence, rather [...]

March 29, 2012 Archives, Graffiti, Post-Soviet, Russia

Prosopagnosia: The Walls Have Eyes

  “To be seduced is to be diverted from one’s truth. To seduce is to divert the other from his truth. The truth then becomes the secret that escapes him.” – Jean Baudrillard, On Seduction. If the curving surfaces exuding [...]

February 15, 2012 Archives, Graffiti, Post-Soviet, Russia, Saint Petersburg