Saturday 06th February 2016,
Post-Soviet Graffiti
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[VICE] The Silent Protest of Post-Soviet Graffiti

In December, Post-Soviet Graffiti was featured by Vice Magazine! Click here for the original article and scroll down to enjoy the full piece.  The Silent Protest of Post-Soviet Graffiti By Abby Ronner — Dec 29 2015 Graffiti is an artform with a long and rich history, from its use as a marketing tool in the 9th century by the [...]

January 17, 2016 Post-Soviet Graffiti The Street 0

Crime and Punishment: An Examination of Russia’s Tolerance Climate

Lerner, Alexis. “Crime and Punishment: Hate Crime Legislation, Public Opinion Polling, and the Jewish Minority in Contemporary Russia?” Journal of Jewish Thought 1, no. 5 (December 2015): 57-72 In general, Post-Soviet Graffiti is about the creative ways that free speech and tolerance circumvent oppression. But, recently, PSG Director Alexis Lerner took a step back to examine the [...]

December 28, 2015 Post-Soviet Graffiti The Street 0

Graffiti as Protest: an Interview with Alexis Lerner

Check out Post-Soviet Graffiti’s (and my!) first televised interview on graffiti as protest, global politics, and free speech in closed states. Now available on television sets across America! The interview begins at 2:20 but the entire episode is great. Judge Michael Warren runs a television program with his teenage daughter called Patriot Lessons. The goal of [...]

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