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The Russian Anti-Olympic Protest that Putin Doesn’t Want You to Know About

On Valentine’s Day, the Russian authorities arrested a man named Asker Sokht. Sokht is a prominent member of the Circassian ethnic minority, many of whom are protesting the Olympic Games in Sochi, a city that is part of their ancestral homeland. What’s remarkable, though, [...]

May 31, 2014 The Street

Putin, Poutain, Poutine

To pay homage to the brave, collective voice of the Russian people, we have amassed some of our best Putin and Edinaya Rossiya graffiti images from 2011. To learn more about the Russian demonstrations against “alleged violations in Russia’s recent parliamentary [...]

December 10, 2011 Archives, Demonstrations, Graffiti, Russia

Waiting For Belarus

 The Belarusian Embassy in Moscow is a beautiful sky-blue, ornate building standing across the street from the ‘Department of Narcotics Control’ and containing one of the most difficult visas to acquire in Europe. As Minsk is our next stop on [...]

July 2, 2011 Archives, Belarus, Graffiti