Tuesday 18th June 2024,
Post-Soviet Graffiti

Государственный Центр Соверменного Искусства: Resident Report

Rooftop of the House of Artists. Moscow. Photograph: Alexis Zimberg. 2013.

The Brundibár project presented a wonderful introduction to desktop illustration and now I want to do it all the time! I recently prepared a scholar-in-residence/ writer-in-residence report for the Государственный Центр Соверменного Искусства (ГЦСИ)I like the way that this publication came out and want to share it:

write up moscow_Page_1

write up moscow_Page_2


write up moscow_Page_3

write up moscow-page-004

If the white background is hard on your eyes, I also uploaded the file to Issuu (with a black background for contrast):

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